Channel Manager

The Channel Manager is a software that automatically synchronizes availability, prices and restrictions, for each room and for each day of the calendar, of a receptive structure (hotel, bed and breakfast, Holiday house vancanze, rents rooms) in the various tourist portals or OTA (, Expedia, Venere,, Airbnb, etc …).

Click channel manager is a system that syncs availability, prices and restrictions on OTAs fast and automatically. You will save time and reduce the risks of overbooking while you increase your online sales on the internet due to high visibility of your rooms. A single place to check and manage your reservations .

Manually updating each OTA extranet is part of the past.

For this reason we offer you a centralized tool to manage the integrated reservations produced on all the OTAs you work with.

Saves time working with OTA systems

Automatic change of information on the cost and availability of rooms at the booking portals

Single interface manages all online sales systems

Suitable for hotels with any capacity

Overbooking protection

150 + online booking systems

24/7 Support